LUXTILE ® systems consist of three components:

  • Ready to use Light source for up to 100 elements.

  • Optical fiber bundle (standard up to 25m).

  • LUXTILE® elements in the ground or wall coating e. g. in the tiles.

New! With a very small high power LED- light source!
Only one high power LED for up to 14 LUXTILE
® elements.

Highlights of the LUXTILE® System:

  • LUXTILE ® elements work without electricity transfer.
  • LUXTILE® elements do not heat up and are absolutely maintenance-free.
  • LUXTILE® elements are applicable everywhere In inside and outside areas even under water!
  • LUXTILE® elements have a absolutely conclusive surface to the basic material.
  • The LUXTILE ® elements last as long as the floor and wall coating itself. Once built-in the lighting in the coating cannot break.
  • The LUXTILE® systems are easy too install.
  • One light source for up to 100 LUXTILE® elements.
  • Changing the colours is always possible with the LUXTILE ® system.
    You only need a switch or a remote control for the colour change.
    So you can enjoy your bath in green in the morning and switch it to yellow, white, blue or red in the evening however you would like it.

  • You can use the LUXTILE ® system even under water.
    E. g. in the ground floor of the shower, in the swimming pool.
    Enjoy the fantastic feeling to stand on the light, to shower and to take the colours in.
  • Later addition such as emergency light at power failure is possible.
  • LUXTILE ® elements can also be mounted in difficult accessible places, because you never have to maintain the once built-in LUXTILE ® elements again.
    Your imagination is set no limits!
  • The LUXTILE ® elements can also be manufactured as arrows. Light paths which lead into safe areas arise from switching the individual arrows separately. The arrows are in the floor area and are not covered by smoke and fume at fire.